Exterior Pesticide Application Schedule at the GQ

Please be advised that the Pest Control Contractor will begin spraying the exterior at the GQ from 9 am to 12 pm on January 13, February 3, March 2, and April 6.

The following steps should be taken before and after exterior pesticides are applied:

– Close doors and windows while spraying is in progress;

– Ensure pets, toys, food stuffs, or other items stored or kept outside are moved inside or covered;

– All persons and pets should stay out of the treated areas until the pesticides has dried. This could be as long as 30 minutes during hot and dry weather or up to several hours on cloudy days with very high humidity;

– Patios and yard are safe for use after application when the pesticide has dried. The recommendation is one hour after application.

Thank you for your cooperation.
The GQ Management

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