Some Fun Facts about February

  • In common years, February can pass without a single full moon. The last time
    this happened was in 2018.
  • Once every six years, February is the only month that has four, full seven-day
  • February starts on the same day of the week as March and November in
    common years, and on the same day of the week as August on leap years.
  • February ends on the same day of the week as October every year.
  • In leap years, it is the only month that begins and ends on the same weekday.
  • People born on a leap year technically celebrate their birthday only once every
    four years, but most observe it on the 28th.
  • Despite its status as the shortest month, February is packed with many events,
    including Valentine’s Day and Groundhog Day.
  • Americans celebrate the birth of two presidents in February, as well as Black
    History Month.
  • Mexicans celebrate Flag Day in February, while residents of St. Lucia celebrate
    their Independence Day.
  • February is also a time for families, especially in Canada, where Family Day is
    celebrated on the third Monday of the month in many provinces.
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