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Location: Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

The American Employee Recreation Association (AERA) is seeking a Finance Manager who will be responsible for financial analysis and assist with the overall financial planning and reporting for AERA. The Manager will be one of the key members of the AERA Management, supporting the financial reporting, planning process for budgets, forecasts, and long-range plans. The position reports to the AERA Management and the Board of Directors.

About AERA: The American Employee Recreation Association is a not-for-profit association organized in 1985 to support community morale and welfare of American employees in Nigeria through provision of a range of services. The association is operated under the guidance of the Board of Directors.  AERA operates the Guest Quarters (which contains hotel rooms, a bar and restaurant), Commissary, Recreation Facilities, Crescent Café at the U.S. Consulate and a School Bus Transportation Service.  The Financial Manager is the Chief Financial Officer of AERA, is supervised by the General Manager and reports directly to the Board of Directors on financial matters.

The Financial Manager’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct the operation of the accounting and financial systems of the association.
  • Analyze the accounting procedures at periodic intervals to determine efficiency and adherence to the financial controls in effect, proposing changes or improvements in operations when necessary.
  • Provide the required financial information to the General Manager, Board of Directors, auditors, and A/OPR/CR correctly and on time.
  • Supervise other financial personnel and review work to ensure proper posting and control of accounting records.
  • Ensure association compliance with both U.S. federal and Nigerian federal and local employment tax requirements.
  • Direct and assist in the preparation, review for accuracy, submission, and distribution of monthly financial statements and reports.
  • Audit the association’s bills and prepare documentation for payment.
  • Maintain the General Ledger, with the various departments classified.
  • Review the perpetual inventory records for accuracy. Assist General Manager with the monthly inventories, and review the inventory taken by others.  Maintain and control fixed assets and inventories.  Make proper depreciation deductions
  • Oversee all banking procedures, which include petty cash and fund accounts, maintain the check register, prepare the checks for payment of all association obligations, and verify accuracy in the payment of wages to employees.
  • Ensure that proper accounting and financial internal controls are implemented when and if any accounting and financial procedures are automated.
  • Attend weekly Management team meetings and provide input on financial matters
  • Attend meetings of the Board of Directors and submit monthly financial reports.
  • Provide input to the Board on the financial stability and health of AERA.
  • Work with the Treasurer of the Board of Directors on financial issues and report anything outside of the monthly reports to him/her.
  • Direct the finances of the association and initiate the methods and procedures that will result in the financial position desired by the Board of Directors.
  • Work with the General Manager to ensure nonscheduled or unannounced cash counts of all petty cash and fund accounts are being conducted at least once per month by the Board Treasurer or other Board member and irregularities and variances are noted. There should also be a periodic updating of the signatures of the fund holders.
  • Work with the General Manager to ensure that all financial statements and reports are prepared and submitted on time and the information contained therein has been verified as correct.
  • Work with the General Manager to prepare and submit a budget to the Board of Directors for approval and ensure all efforts are being made to operate within its limits, all variances are noted and verified.
  • Work with the General Manager to schedule and make sure that an independent audit is being performed at least once per year, and that attempts to comply with the recommendations are being instituted and a copy of the report and compliance measures are forwarded to A/OPR/CR.
  • Develop a sound internal control system to deter employee and customer theft, track inventory and funds, and to provide overall safeguards of all of the association assets.
  • Work with the Management team to inventory all non‑expendable equipment at least annually. Create a schedule for physical inventories and ensure that it is adhered to for all expendable equipment, supplies, and merchandise.  In addition, install an inventory control system and make sure that is operating in the proper manner, with periodic spot checks being conducted for accuracy and compliance.
  • Work with the Management team to create a register to maintain on the sale of luxury items (such as tobacco, perfume, liquor products, or other goods subject to black marketing/pilferage) and these same items are monitored for unusually large or frequent purchases.
  • Ensure that the association is in compliance with its own procurement policy and good standard procurement procedures.
  • Do other tasks as directed by the General manager and/or Board of Directors for the well-being and effective operation of the Associations.


Required Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, or Economics
  • A Certified Public Accountant (CPA)


Preferred Education:

  • Minimum of 5-7 years relevant work experience with reporting/forecasting /data analysis/financial modelling
  • High level of proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint, and financial software
  • Deliverable-focused with a strong work ethic and able to prioritize/work independently
  • Strong interpersonal skills to communicate effectively and build relationships with various business partners across all levels of management
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to identify and resolve issues
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment and be flexible to handle multiple priorities


Salary: Negotiable

Deadline: February 14, 2019.

Contact: Interested candidates, please send resume to: Mr. Ricardo Minaise (AERA General Manager) at and Ms. Mobolaji (AERA HR Assistant) at

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