Become A Member

The process of becoming a member

Secure the sponsorship of a Full Member (i.e. a USG employee).

Complete and sign the Membership Application (one per family).

Complete and sign an Authorization for Release of Information (one for each family member 18 years or older).

Provide a copy of the first page of the passport and the Nigerian visa (for each family member).

Provide two passport size pictures (for each family member).

Provide a comprehensive company letter from the U.S. or International firm you work for stating your position and tour of duty.

Present completed membership application documents to AERA management.

Wait for the application to be reviewed and approved. This process can take up to 2-3 months.

After approval: Pay the annual dues - $1250 for a Single Membership and $1500 for a Family Membership - and deposit at least $150 into your account.

For further inquiries, contact our Front Desk at or call 01 760 6680; 0814 596 2231.