Small Bites


Served with a choice of  French fries, side salad, onion rings or coleslaw.

Set Meals

Carnivore Meals

USDA organic ground beef served on a homemade bun. Served with a choice of French fries, side salad, onion rings or coleslaw.



    • American BBQ Chicken Salad $12.00

    Grilled chicken breast with bbq sauce, Topped with cheddar cheese, fresh avocado & Pinto beans.

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    • Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad $13.50

    Lettuce, crumbled cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, tomato, avocado & hard boiled egg

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    • Grilled Vegetables Salad $9.00

    Asparagus, butternut squash, grilled tomatoes & eggplant on a bed of arugula topped with feta cheese in a balsamic reduction.

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    • Mexican Salad $9.00

    Lettuce, Avocado, Garbanzo beans, cheddar cheese, sweet red & green bell pepper.

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    • Mission Taco Chicken Salad $13.50$17.00

    Chicken breast, nachos, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, cheddar cheese & black beans. Served with salsa, guacamole

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All American Burgers


All served with garlic bread