February Newsletter

A Word From The GQ Management

Dear Member,

Cheers to a bright and promising 2024! We wish all of you a year filled with joy, blessings, happiness, and prosperity! The GQ Team is excited to let you all know that this year we are introducing several new activities and packages to add value to your membership and enhance your overall GQ experience.

Group Sports Activities will now hold thrice a week, both for adults and kids. Basketball, Martial Arts, and Water Sports for the kids, Yoga, Water Aerobics, and Fitness Classes for the adults. The best part of these group activities is that they are all free! Members will not need to pay for any of these group sessions as they will all be paid for by GQ for the whole of 2024. These activities will start from February 6th,2024. All classes will have limited space and will require members to sign up for classes, however we will make it easy for you all by sending out a link weekly to all members which will allow you to sign up in two quick steps on your phone.

We have many requests from Family Members for their children to be permitted to bring in friends to use the pool. So, children will now be permitted to invite one friend to join them for the weekly Water Sports and Basketball Classes, with no payment required!

Special Menu Tuesdays will happen every Tuesday at 6:30 in the bar and restaurant. Every Tuesday there will be a special menu available-it could be anything from Tacos to Lobster or a Family Feast Deal! On occasion there will be live music entertainment on these evenings.

Basketball Fridays is going down every Friday from 6 PM! This night will be a night for all our basketball loving members to come together to play basketball. Members are encouraged to invite friends to come join them -the more the merrier! One Friday a month GQ will organize an exhibition match between two teams for all to enjoy! Basketball Fridays will come with free pizzas at the Outdoor Lounge from 6:00-7:00 and a Happy Hour in the bar!

Membership Renewals will now come with a 10% discount for early birds! Renew your membership one month or more before it is due and enjoy this sweet deal! As a show of appreciation to all our members for your loyalty to GQ , Membership renewals will also now come with a Gift Bag full of goodies for you every time you renew your membership-I will keep what’s in the goodie bags a surprise! Because we love our members so much, all members will receive their first gift bag by Friday the 9th of February, and then subsequently every time you renew your membership package after that.

Thank you so much to all of you for making our 2023 so memorable, and the whole GQ Team is beyond excited to grow the GQ family this year and serve all of you better. We are here for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime with your feedback and suggestions!

GQ Management

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